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Best Practices to Combat Route Leaks and Hijacks

Posted by on January 26th, 2017
January 26th, 2017

In past blogs, we’ve explored how you can alert for and diagnose BGP route leaks and hijacks. Route leaks and hijacks—routing events where illegitimate prefixes are wrongly propagated through the Internet—are notoriously difficult to troubleshoot and have the potential to bring down entire swaths of the Internet.… Read More »

Proactive BGP Alerting

Posted by on November 4th, 2014
March 18th, 2015

In several previous blogs (4 Real BGP Troubleshooting Scenarios and Solving BGP AS Path Prepending Errors) we’ve highlighted the ThousandEyes platform’s ability to visualize and analyze BGP issues and their impact. In this blog post we’d like to discuss how BGP alerts within the platform can proactively inform you of these critical issues and significantly reduce MTTR.… Read More »

When Routes Go Wrong: Solving BGP AS-Path Prepending Errors

Posted by on October 21st, 2014
November 10th, 2017

One scenario we captured and demonstrated during Networking Field Day 8 involved a BGP change at Country Financial. Follow along with this interactive share link if you would like to see the data for yourself. Around 17:25 UTC our cloud agents started alerting to connection issues with Country Financial’s website. We saw a dip in availability and alerting on this test for over an hour.… Read More »