Monitor Global Performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Posted by on March 17th, 2015
November 29th, 2016

This morning Mohit Lad, CEO of ThousandEyes, will be on stage with Scott Thompson, General Manager, Service Engineering at Microsoft, at the Microsoft Convergence event to announce a new collaboration that provides Dynamics CRM Online customers with a transparent view of network performance all the way from their location to the service.

Why Monitor SaaS Performance?

Even though SaaS is becoming ubiquitous in enterprises around the world, we still get questions about why those enterprises should monitor SaaS performance. Many SaaS applications, specifically CRM, are increasingly integrated into business-critical processes such as support call resolution, order-to-cash processing, marketing automation and field sales force scheduling. Interruptions of just minutes can cause chaos to important business functions, leading to lost revenue.

But aren’t SaaS providers responsible for performance and user experience? Certainly they go to great lengths to ensure application availability, speedy access from around the world and round-the-clock support. But often network problems occur within ISPs between SaaS customers and providers or result from local network issues, such as branch office router congestion or a failure of a wireless access point. Troubleshooting chronically slow SaaS performance from India, Argentina or Australia is a common experience in many firms.

Narrowing down the root cause is important to know whether you should file a ticket with your SaaS provider or your own IT team. And backing that up with performance data means that your ticket will get worked faster.

Quickly Diagnose Issues and Avoid User Complaints

ThousandEyes provides visibility into Dynamics CRM by simulating users from locations around the world. Traffic is simulated from Cloud Agents, probes in metro-area internet exchanges and data centers connected to local ISPs, and Enterprise Agents, software appliances that you can place in your own offices, call centers and data centers.

Figure 1: Path visualization from offices (left) to Dynamics CRM Online North America region (right)
with nodes with high packet loss in red.

ThousandEyes monitors Dynamics CRM availability, page load times, web transactions, DNS records, path tracing and routing. This makes it possible to determine how network performance affects user experience and quickly hone in on the root cause. ThousandEyes also includes alerts for performance degradation and custom reports to identify trends and optimize connectivity over time.

Figure 2: HTTP Server view showing availability of global offices
to Dynamics CRM Online, with two offices showing connection errors.

Free Monitoring for Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM customers can sign up for a free version of ThousandEyes to monitor network, routing and page load performance. ThousandEyes Lite gives users 3 free Enterprise Agents to instrument their office locations or call centers, simulating user experience from within their own environment.

With ThousandEyes, organizations can now gain in-depth network diagnostics between the corporate network and Dynamics CRM Online, hosted in Microsoft data centers around the world. ThousandEyes Lite includes access to 18 data feeds for popular SaaS and web applications such as NetSuite, Dropbox and Concur. Data feeds are included for each of the four Dynamic CRM Online regions from 20 global Cloud Agent locations. Start monitoring connectivity to Dynamics CRM Online today at