Free Network Monitoring with ThousandEyes Lite

Posted by on December 8th, 2014
March 18th, 2015

Since launching last year, we’ve seen organizations of all sizes turn to ThousandEyes to gain crucial visibility of end-to-end application and service delivery. Customers sign up for Standard, Pro or Custom plans as their needs dictate. But what about people not quite ready to go Standard or Pro? How can they take advantage of ThousandEyes and improve their network monitoring experience?

Today we announced a new Lite version to broaden the use of ThousandEyes to smaller firms, single-site networks and teams just getting started with network performance monitoring. ThousandEyes Lite is a free version, aimed at providing visibility into both internal and wide area network performance. Lite is available to everyone, following a 15-day Pro Trial, and can be used for ongoing performance optimization, benchmarking and ad-hoc troubleshooting.

Getting the Most Out of the Pro Trial

When you sign up, you will get access to a trial of ThousandEyes Pro for 15 days. The Pro Trial provides you with visibility within your enterprise network, across wide area networks and gives you an external view from around the internet. Pro includes 5 tests, used to monitor web app, network and routing performance. The tests can originate from up to 5 Enterprise Agents, installed on your network, and 20 Cloud Agents, maintained by ThousandEyes in major global cities.

Using ThousandEyes Lite

After 15 days, your account will automatically switch to ThousandEyes Lite, our new free plan. ThousandEyes Lite is geared towards providing essential visibility within your internal network as well as across wide area links to business-critical services, such as your SaaS applications and VoIP. Lite includes 3 tests from 3 Enterprise Agents within your corporate network. These will give you performance data for internal and external services accessed from your offices and data centers.

15-day Pro Trial Lite
Price Free Free
Tests (Web, Network, DNS) 5 3
Tests for 18 SaaS apps & web services
Page load & transaction tests
Enterprise Agents 5 3
Cloud Agents 20 (limited usage)

While Lite does not include access to Cloud Agents, it does include 18 preconfigured tests to major SaaS applications and web services, including Office 365, Salesforce, NetSuite and Oracle OnDemand. For those wanting global visibility for your customer-facing applications, check out our ThousandEyes subscriptions that include Cloud Agents.

We’re excited to offer ThousandEyes to a broader audience than ever before. Interested in monitoring your network with ThousandEyes? Sign up today.

  • Justin

    Seems I still can’t sign up with an email address though. I imagine many of your new free/lite level users will want to use a free email provider like Gmail.

    • Lindsay Shaw

      We hear you Justin. We have the update scheduled for tonight in a maintenance window. We’ll reply back here when it’s enabled.

    • Lindsay Shaw

      Signups with gmail and other personal email accounts is now enabled. Thanks for your patience and be sure to reach out if you need a hand with set up.