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Why Network Visibility is Key to Retail Holiday Success

Posted by on August 16th, 2018
August 16th, 2018

To say that digital transformation is essential to the retail industry and holiday retail sales is to state the obvious. Whether you’re a pure-play e-commerce operation or executing on an omni-channel retail strategy, the richness and responsiveness of digital experience is an existential matter. One of the lessons of the $691.9 billion 2017 holiday season is that the impact of digital experience on retail is growing around the world.… Read More »

Smart API Monitoring for Smart Light Bulbs

Posted by on June 28th, 2018
June 28th, 2018

On June 1st, 2018, Philips debuted a new service for its Hue smart-home lighting product, but things quickly went dark when the cloud-based API endpoint with which remote apps and services communicate went down for four hours. As The Register put it in its snarkily titled article, Smart bulbs turn dumb: Lights out for Philips as Hue API goes dark… Read More »

Understanding SD-WANs: Benefits and Limitations

Posted by on May 11th, 2018
May 11th, 2018

SD-WANs are a significant development in wide area networking, and the first SDN technology to gain widespread deployment. Yet, their usefulness is being muddled by over-hyped expectations that they can provide all-seeing and all-controlling power over every aspect of enterprise IT communications. … Read More »

Retail Digital Transformation and Network Intelligence

Posted by on May 9th, 2018
May 9th, 2018

With the rise of e-commerce and well-publicized troubles among so many traditional players in the retail landscape, it is sometimes tempting for technophiles to think that in-store retail is a vanishing species. However, the facts and recent developments belie that outlook. E-commerce was only 9.1% of U.S., retail sales in 2017, and is projected to grow to 12.4% by 2020.… Read More »

Monitoring Open Banking APIs

Posted by on April 23rd, 2018
April 23rd, 2018

As of January of 2018, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has mandated the nine largest UK Banks—Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, Barclays, Danske Bank, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide, RBS Group, and Santander—to open up their data to third parties using a standard format. The mandate, known as Open Banking, requires that API endpoints be accessible to authorized payment and solution providers.… Read More »

Understanding Internet Exchanges via the DE-CIX Outage

Posted by on April 13th, 2018
April 13th, 2018

Internet Exchanges (IX) play an important “efficiency” role in the practical matter of physically connecting the networks that comprise the Internet. IXs are facilities that provide space, power and connectivity to member networks—typically Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecom, cable and mobile carriers, content providers, web enterprises and sophisticated enterprises such as large financial services companies. This infrastructure is used by these networks to arrange peerings exchange regional, national and/or international IP traffic. By being able to peer with many different networks in one facility, networks can cost-effectively gain lower-latency connections than if they had to reach those networks via multiple transit hops. The availability of multiple peerings also increases network and transit path resiliency. … Read More »

What can ISP pilot tests predict about the future of your SD-WAN?

Posted by on April 12th, 2018
April 12th, 2018

Okay, so where’s this coming from? I recently had a conversation with an unnamed analyst from an unnamed, large analyst firm whose name starts with a letter between E and J (haha gotcha!). We were discussing the move to SaaS, SD-WAN and Direct Internet Access from branch offices, and how variable behavior of Internet connectivity in various parts of the world is causing real problems with cloud adoption and WAN modernization. He was telling me that in a number of inquiries held with large enterprises, that consternation caused by unpredictable behavior is causing network teams to demand multi-month pilots with ISPs for office locations in Asia-Pacific and other regions.… Read More »

A Tale of Two Trading Sites Told by Network Monitoring

Posted by on February 22nd, 2018
February 22nd, 2018

How can network monitoring help understand online trading website performance? In the first days of February, 2018 the stock market went on a bit of wild ride, with high levels of volatility amidst heavy trading sessions. On February 5th, the Dow skidded almost 1600 points before recovering slightly to a loss of 1175 points for the day—its worst daily point drop ever. Asian markets soon experienced their own swoon. Then on February 6, U.S. markets bounced back—regaining nearly 570 points, while the FTSE experienced its biggest drop since Brexit. As of February 9, the volatility continued.… Read More »

How JLL Ensures Performance of Business Critical Applications

Posted by on January 4th, 2018
January 8th, 2018

In this update from ThousandEyes Connect in Chicago, we’ll summarize the presentation made by Jim McKinstry, Global Project Manager at JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle). McKinstry explained how ThousandEyes helps his team to maintain the performance of business critical applications that are at the heart of their worldwide $6B real-estate management and professional services business.… Read More »